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2024 Alaska Bore Tide Schedule

Cook Inlet has a huge tidal range, and it’s the only place in the U.S. where such a bore tide forms. The bore tide is a phenomenon that occurs because the Turnagain Arm inlet is shallow, narrow, and long. It’s such a long inlet that the tide that’s going out collides with the surge of the new tide that is coming in and that creates a surf wave. This surf wave starts working its way up Turnagain Arm and can be anywhere from a foot to 6′ high and is very visible from the shore. There are numerous places to view the bore tide. Between Birdpoint and Girdwood there are several pullouts where the bore tide is almost always at it’s best.

A bore tide can be seen nearly every day somewhere in Turnagain Arm just after low tide. The size depends on the range of the tide, so the most dramatic bore tides occur during days with extreme minus tides.

Arrive at least half an hour before the predicted tide will arrive; bore tides may not arrive on time.

CAUTION! Our bore tides are dangerous. Due to the quicksand-like mudflats that make up the beaches along Turnagain Arm, hikers may get stuck in the mud and drown or die from hypothermia. Always stay off the mud flats and observe the bore tide from a safe distance.

Last updated: May 18, 2024

DateTide ChangeBeluga PointBird Point
May 1419.919:07pm10:03pm
May 1821.371:15pm2:11pm
May 1924.132:04pm3:00pm
May 2026.452:49pm3:45am
May 2128.253:30pm4:26pm
May 2229.54:10pm5:06pm
May 2330.264:49pm5:45pm
May 2430.595:29pm6:25pm
May 2530.56:06pm7:04m
May 2629.916:47pm7:43pm
May 2728.87:28pm8:24pm
May 2827.228:12m9:08pm
May 2925.388:59pm9:55m
May 3023.629:52pm10:48pm
Jun 124.8411:54am12:50pm
June 122.0312:02am12:58m
June 227.5712:59pm1:55pm
June 222.291:11am2:07am
June 329.992:07pm3:03pm
June 432.063:08pm4:04pm
June 533.484:00pm4:56pm
June 634.034:48pm5:44pm
June 733.615:31pm6:27pm
June 832.266:11pm7:07pm
June 930.146:48pm7:44pm
June 1027.557:23pm8:19pm
June 1124.777:57pm8:53pm
June 1221.958:33pm9:29pm
June 1319.189:15pm10:11pm
June 1723.331:11pm2:07pm
June 1825.092:06pm3:02pm
June 1926.772:58pm3:54pm
June 2028.353:46pm4:42pm
June 2129.784:31pm5:27pm
June 2230.995:14pm6:10pm
June 2331.765:55pm6:51pm
June 2431.946:36pm7:32pm
June 2531.457:16pm8:12pm
June 2630.197:57pm8:53pm
June 2725.188:16am9:12am
June 2728.18:39pm9:35pm
June 2825.749:14am10:10am
June 2825.239:25pm10:21pm
June 2926.3510:18pm11:14pm
June 2922.0610:19pm11:15pm
June 3027.0811:24pm12:20pm
July 127.7912:30pm1:26pm
July 228.671:47pm2:43pm
July 330.072:54pm3:50pm
July 431.283:47pm4:43pm
July 531.884:34pm5:30pm
July 631.785:15pm6:11pm
July 731.055:53pm6:49pm
July 829.876:26pm7:22pm
July 928.366:57pm7:53pm
July 1026.537:28pm8:24pm
July 1124.257:59pm8:55pm
July 1221.348:33pm9:29pm
July 1621.4212:15pm1:11pm
July 1722.621:20pm2:16pm
July 1824.652:26pm3:22pm
July 1927.313:23pm4:19pm
July 2030.054:12pm5:08pm
July 2132.394:56pm5:52pm
July 2233.965:38pm6:34pm
July 2326.185:42am6:38am
July 2334.516:18pm7:14pm
July 2427.846:29am7:25am
July 2433.946:577pm7:53pm
July 2529.17:16am8:12am
July 2532.177:35pm8:31pm
July 2629.768:04am9:00am
July 2629.148:14pm9:10pm
July 2729.68:55am9:51am
July 2725.018:55pm9:51pm
July 2828.619:51am10:47am
July 2927.1410:53m11:49am
July 3025.8512:01pm12:57pm
July 3125.781:34pm2:30pm
August 127.432:42pm3:38pm
August 229.23:33pm4:29pm
August 330.364:16pm5:12pm
August 430.84:55pm5:51pm
August 530.615:29pm6:25pm
August 6305:59pm6:25pm
August 724.876:11am7:07m
August 728.946:28pm7:24pm
August 825.566:43am7:39am
August 827.356:56pm7:52pm
August 925.897:16am8:12am
August 925.047:25pm8:21pm
August 1025.627:52am8:48am
August 1021.977:55pm8:51pm
August 1124.668:31am9:27am
August 1223.069:17am10:13am
August 1520.41:56pm2:52pm
August 1623.141:56pm2:52pm
August 1727.123:00pm3:56pm
August 18313:50pm4:46pm
August 1933.924:34pm5:30pm
August 2027.854:43am5:39am
August 2035.495:16pm6:12pm
August 2130.35:30am6:26am
August 2135.645:55am6:51am
August 2232.146:16am7:12am
August 2234.426:33pm7:29pm
August 2333.27:01am7:57am
August 2331.927:10pm9:06pm
August 2433.177:46am8:42am
August 2428.237:47pm8:43pm
August 2531.768:32am9:28am
August 2523.468:26pm9:22pm
August 2628.999:24am10:20am
August 2725.5210:22am11:28am
August 2822.811:33am11:29pm
August 2922.811:20pm2:16pm
August 3025.292:24pm3:20pm
August 3127.753:12pm4:08pm
September 129.333:52pm4:48pm
September 224.934:05am5:01am
September 229.994:27pm5:23pm
September 325.734:42am5:38am
September 329.984:59pm5:55pm
September 426.595:15am6:11am
September 429.485:28pm6:24pm
September 527.515:46am5:42am
September 528.435:57pm6:53pm
September 628.146:17am7:13am
September 626.716:24pm7:20pm
September 728.156:49am7:45am
September 724.376:52pm7:48pm
September 827.477:24am8:20am
September 926.138:01am8:57am
September 1024.118:43am9:39am
September 1121.589:34am10:30am
September 1319.3611:54am12:50pm
September 1422.641:25pm2:21pm
September 1527.312:32pm3:28pm
September 1631.413:22pm4:18pm
September 1728.433:36am4:32am
September 17344:07pm5:03pm
September 1831.684:26am5:22am
September 1834.924:49pm5:45pm
September 1934.085:13am6:09am
September 1934.375:28pm6:24pm
September 2035.65:58am6:54am
September 2032.636:07pm7:03pm
September 2135.996:42am7:38am
September 2129.896:44pm7:40pm
September 2234.96:25am8:21am
September 2226.197:21pm8:17pm
September 2332.178:09am9:05am
September 2427.998:57am9:53am
September 2523.279:53am10:49am
September 2720.1212:50pm1:46pm
September 2821.041:55pm2:51pm
September 2925.452:41pm3:37pm
Sepember 3025.063:00am3:56am
September 3027.193:19pm4:15pm
October 126.563:40am4:36am
October 128.013:54pm4:50pm
October 227.684:16am5:12am
October 228.114:25pm5:21pm
October 328.764:49am4:45am
October 327.634:55pm5:51pm
October 429.615:20am6:16am
October 426.545:25pm6:21pm
October 529.885:52am6:48am
October 524.895:53pm6:49pm
October 728.426:59am7:55am
October 826.827:36am8:32am
October 1021.829:07am10:30am
October 1119.4710:07am11:03am
October 1219.3911:20am12:16pm
October 1322.3912:45pm1:42pm
October 1426.461:55pm2:51pm
October 1527.212:20am3:16am
October 1529.742:49pm3:45pm
October 1631.243:16am4:12am
October 1631.523:36pm4:32pm
October 1734.274:07am5:03am
October 1731.794:20pm5:16pm
October 1836.294:55am5:51am
October 1830.925:01pm5:58pm
October 1937.25:40am6:36am
October 1929.255:41pm6:37pm
October 2036.726:24am7:20am
October 2026.96:20pm7:16pm
October 2134.677:06am8:02am
October 2231.097:49am8:45am
October 2326.418:34am9:30am
October 2421.589:24am10:20am
October 2821.791:58pm2:54pm
October 2925.172:30am3:26am
October 2923.712:39pm15:35pm
October 3027.163:10am4:06am
October 3024.793:16pm4:12pm
October 3128.73:47am4:43am
October 3125.063:50pm4:46pm
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