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Copper River Highway

The Copper River Highway is a 49.5 mile (79.6 km) highway ranging from Cordova along the old rail-bed of the Copper River and Northwestern Railway. Construction of the highway began in 1945.

The first 12 miles (19 km) of the highway is paved; the rest is gravel.

A basic, rough four-wheel-drive unpaved road continues for 10 miles (16 km) beyond the end of the highway to the Allen River. 

Due to erosion of the approach to Bridge 339, the highway past mile 36 has been abandoned since 2011 .

Mile 0


Population: 2,239

This small town located near the mouth of the Copper River in the Valdez-Cordova Census Area. There is lodging, grocery stores, gas stations, a post office, and many other amenities. No roads connect Cordova to other Alaskan towns, so a plane or ferry is required to travel there. 

Mile 3.5 (km 5.6)

Five Mile Loop Road Junction Access to the Bear Country Lodge.

Mile 4.7 (km 7.5)

Access to The Riverside Inn, Hideaway on the Eyak, and Bears Den Cabin’s.

Mile 9.8 (km 15.7) 

Access to the Merle K. Smith Airport and Chinook Auto Rentals.

Mile 20.4 (km 38.8)

Access to the McKinley Lake Cabin.

Mile 20.9 (km 33.6)

At this point the highway is closed for the winter season. 

Mile 40.2 (km 64.6) 

Access to Goat Mountain Trail.

Mile 47.1 (km 75.8)

Access to the Childs Area Recreation Area. This non-electric, tent only campground is situated in the Chugach National Forest by the Million Dollar Bridge.

Mile 49.5 (km 79.6)

End of the Copper River Highway.