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Dalton Highway

Fairbanks to Deadhorse – 415 miles (km 667.8)

The Dalton Highway was made famous by the reality TV show Ice Road Truckers. Check road conditions before heading up the 414 mile long Dalton Highway. It is mostly gravel and conditions can vary significantly. There is no cell phone service or public internet along the highway. There are no medical services, banks, or full-service grocery stores either. Be sure you have a good spare tire too. The Highway begins 84 miles north of Fairbanks and is accessed via the Elliott Highway. The Dalton is still a haul road so expect to meet many transport trucks. Most visitors want to cross the Arctic Circle, which is at mile 115. Atigun Pass (4,800 feet) at mile 245, is the highest highway pass in Alaska. Some visitors prefer to take one of the commercial tours rather than drive this challenging route. Others prefer to rent a vehicle rather than drive their own. If you choose to rent, be sure your rental is permitted on the Dalton when making the booking. There is no cell phone service from Fairbanks to Deadhorse.

Mile 0.0 

Junction between Elliot and Dalton Highways.

Mile 55.9 (km 89.6)

Access to the Yukon Crossing Contact Station a small information station, and the Yukon River Camp which has food, lodging, gifts, and fuel.

Mile 61.3 (km 98.6)

Five Mile Airport

Mile 132 (km 212.4)

Access to Gobblers Knob or Brooks Range an area where in the summer you can experience the 24 hour sun.

Mile 172 (km 276.8)

Truckers Cafe

Mile 175 (km 281.6)

Access to ColdfootThe population was 10 at the 2010 census. Coldfoot primarily serves as a truck stop on the Dalton HighwayThere are services such as: lodging, food, fuel, and an airport.

Mile 179 (km 288)

Access to the Marion Creek Campground & RV Park 

Mile 188 (km 302.5)

Access to Wiseman, a small mining community.

Mile 275 (km 442.5)

Access to the Galbraith Lake Airport and the Galbraith Lake Campground.

Mile 355 (km 571.3)

Access to the Last Chance Wayside, a day-use only rest area.

Mile 413 (km 664.6) 

Access to Deadhorse Camp; lodging, restaurant, gas, tire repair. 

Mile 415 (km 667.8)

End of the Dalton Highway at Deadhorse/Prudehoe Bay. Services include: fuel, lodging, food, and general store.