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George Parks Highway,
Alaska Road Log

Parks Highway

Anchorage to Fairbanks – 358 miles (576.1 km)

The George Parks Highway (commonly referred to as the Parks Highway) begins 35 miles (56.3 km) north of Anchorage at the junction of the Glenn Highway. This log uses Anchorage as Mile 0. 

It’s a fully paved, wide and well-maintained route that is open year-round.

The highway, which parallels the Alaska Railroad, is the main route between Anchorage and Fairbanks. It travels over rugged terrain and crosses over 40 bridges.


Mile 0: Population: 291,845

Mile 4.2 (km 6.7): Take Muldoon Road exit to visit Alaska Native Heritage Center.

Mile 11.6 (km 18.6): Exit to Eagle River Campground, Chugach State Park.

Mile 13.4 (km 21.5): Exit to Chugiak and Eagle River.

Parks Highway Map, click to enlarge

George Parks Highway Map - Alaska

Mile 35 (km 56.3)
Junction of the Glenn Highway and Parks Highway

Mile 36 (km 57.9)
Mat-Su Visitor Center Mat-Su Visitor Center
Ph: 907-746-5000

Mile 37.8 (km 60.8)
Big Bear RV Park & Campground

Mile 39.3 (km 63.2)
Seward Meridian Road Meridian Center Mall and Walmart

Mile 41.5 (km 66.7)
Junction with Palmer-Wasilla Highway

Mile 42.2 (km 67.9)
Junction with Knik-Goose Bay Road to Iditarod Trail Headquarters


Mile 42.2 (km 67.9)
Population: 8,736
Visitor Information and access to Hatcher Pass via Main Street

Mile 47 (km 75.6)
The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry

Mile 52.2 (km 84)
Junction with Big Lake Road to Big Lake Recreation area

Mile 57 (km 91.7)
Bridge over Little Susitna River, parking

Mile 57.3 (km 92.2)
Little Susitna River Campground


Mile 57.4 (km 92.3)
Population: 2,112

Mile 57.5 (km 92.5)
Miller’s Place with camping

Mile 57.7 (km 92.8)
Riverside Camper Park

Mile 66.5 (km 107)
Nancy Lake State Recreation Site and campground

Mile 67.2 (km 108.1)
Nancy Lake State Recreation Area with the South Rolly Lake Campground


Mile 69.5 (km 111.8)
Population: 2,141

Mile 70.8 (km 113.9)
Willow Creek State Recreation Area and campground.

Mile 71.2 (km 114.5)
Junction with Hatcher Pass Road, a scenic 49 mile long narrow, gravel road. Not recommended for large RVs or trailers.

Mile 71.5 (km 115)
Willow Creek Resort.

Mile 82.5 (km 132.7)

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Mile 87.9 (km 141.4)
Gigglewood Lakeside Inn.

Mile 96.4 (km 155.1)
Montana Creek Campground.

Mile 98.8 (km 159)
Junction with 14 mile long road to Talkeetna.


Population: 931
Talkeetna is a historic village nestled at the base of Mt. McKinley (Denali) with panoramic views of the Alaska Range. The town is located at the end of the paved 14-mile-long Talkeetna Spur Road. Visitor Information and services available in Talkeetna.

Mile 113.1 Welcome sign to Trapper Creek.

Mile 114.4 (km 184.1)
Devonshire Road access. Traveling north on the Parks Highway, make a left turn onto E. Devonshire Rd. Yield, as the left turn is an un-controlled intersection. Open 24/7 year-round is the Trapper Creek Watering Point. This newly constructed facility is lighted with security and accepts quarters, ones, fives, tens, twenties, and major credit cards for your water fill-up needs. $0.13/gallon.

Mile 114.6 (km 184.4)
3 Bears (formerly Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park).

Mile 114.6 (km 184.4)
Petersville Road junction. Provides access to Petersville Recreational Mining Area.

Trapper Creek

Mile 115 (km 185)
Population: 456

Mile 133 (km 214)
Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge

Mile 134.8 (km 216.9)
Denali Viewpoint South with an excellent view of Denali and overnight parking (fee).

Mile 135 (km 217.2)
Views of Denali can be seen at several spots along the highway, particularly at the Willow and the Denali Viewpoint.

Mile 137.2 (220.8)
Lower Troublesome Creek – Denali State park campground

Mile 147 (km 236.5)
Byers Lake – Denali State Park campground

Mile 147.1 (km 236.7)
Alaska Veterans Memorial, rest area and visitor information

Mile 162.4 (km 261.3)
Denali Viewpoint North

Mile 162.7 (km 261.8)
Denali View North, overnight parking for a fee

Mile 185.8 (km 299)
East Fork Chulitna Wayside with overnight parking

Mile 201.3 (km 323.9)
Broad Pass Summit – 2, 409 ft.

Mile 209.9 (km 337.8)
Junction with the Denali Highway, a 133-mile gravel road east to Paxson on the Richardson Highway


Mile 210 (km 337.9)
Population: 191
Cantwell RV Park

Mile 229.1 (km 368.7)
Denali Air – flightseeing

Mile 231.1 (km 371.9)
Denali Grizzly Bear Resort.

Mile 238 (km 383)
The community of Denali Park offers many visitor services and numerous camping facilities

Mile 240 (km 386.2)
Entrance to Denali National Park

Mile 245.1 (Km 394.4)
Denali RV Park & Motel.

Mile 248.5 (km 399.9)
Midnight Sun RV & Campground


Mile 248.7 (km 400.2)
Population 1,093

Mile 269 (km 432.9)
Rest Area

Mile 276 (km 444.1)
Tatlanika Trading Co. and RV Park

Mile 283.5 (km 456.2)
Junction with access road to Anderson, which has a Riverside City Park with campground on the Nenana River.


Mile 304.5 (km 490)
Population: 362

Mile 305 (km 490.8)
Alaska Veterans’ Honor Bridge over the Tanana River, large paved parking at the north end of bridge

Mile 318.7 (km 512.8)
Viewpoint for Denali

Mile 351.2 (km 565.2)
Turn-off for Ester
Population: 2,040

Mile 356.8 (km 574.2)
Turn-off to the University of Alaska

Mile 357.8 (km 575.8)
Exit to Fairbanks International Airport


Mile 358 (km 576.1)
Population: city-30,955 borough-95,898

Take Airport Way to go downtown or continue straight for the Richardson Highway to Delta Junction and the Alaska Highway.