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Sterling Highway

Tern Lake Junction to Homer – 138 Miles (222 Kilometers)

The Sterling Highway runs through the western side of the Kenai Peninsula and for much of goes right along the western coast offering a very scenic drive. It leads to some of the best fishing spots in Alaska.

The popular Kenai Peninsula is known as “Alaska’s Playground.” For a glimpse of Russian America history in an old-world setting, visit the quaint town of Ninilchik. Wildlife sightings are not uncommon and there is a healthy moose population on the Kenai Peninsula.

The highway is completely paved and in sections has passing lanes. There are many pullouts for slower vehicle to allow for traffic to pass by.

The route ends at Homer Spit which extends 4.5 miles into Kachemak Bay on a narrow strip of land.

Mile 0.0 

Tern Lake Junction

Mile 0.7 (km 1.1) 

Exit to Tern Lake Day Use Area. Area Amenities: Interpretive Site, Picnic tables, Toilets, Drinking water, and Parking.

Mile 8.0 (km 12.8)

Junction with Quartz Creek Road to day-use areas and USFS campground on Kenai Lake and Crescent Creek USFS campground. Sunrise Inn; gas, cafe, bar, motel.

Mile 10.2 (km 16.4)

Turnoff for Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge and RV Park.

Mile 10.4 (km 16.7)

Cooper Landing State Recreation Site; boat launch, day-use area.

Cooper Landing

Mile 10.5 (km 16.8)

Population: 250

Located in the Kenai Peninsula. There are full services such as: food, gas, lodging, and camping.       

Mile 13.2 (km 21.2)

Cooper Creek USFS Campground.

Mile 15.1 (km 24.3)

Russian River USFS Campground to south.

Mile 17.4 (km 28)

Kenai Russian River Access/Sportsman’s Access Site/Kenai-Russian River Ferry entrance.

Mile 23.4 (km 37.6)

Jean Lake Campground.

Mile 24.9 (km 40)

Skyline Trail.

Mile 31.9 (km 51.3)

Petersen Lake and Kelly Lake Kenai National Wildlife campgrounds.

Mile 38.3 (km 61.6)

Watson Lake Campground.

Mile 43.1 (km 69.3)

Access to Real Alaskan Cabins & RV Park, as well as Bing’s Landing State Recreation Site and Bing’s Landing Campground & day use area.


Population: 6,011

Mile 43.5 (km 70)

Travellers passing through can expect a variety of restaurants and cafes, gift shops, grocery and hardware/automotive supply. There is also a gas&diesel&propane station with an ATM and convenience store, as well as a sani-dump.  

There are several events and tourist attractions in Sterling. There is camping at the Kenai Wildlife Refuge sites, canoeing the Swanson River Canoe Trail, and great fishing at the Moose, Swanson and Kenai rivers. 

And every July the Moose River Raft Race and Sterling Days are held. 

Mile 44.5 (km 71.6)

Access to Moose River RV Park,

Mile 44.8 (km 72)

Access to Izaak Walton State Park

Mile 46.3 (km 74.5)

Access to Kenai River Red’s RV Fish Camp,

Mile 47.5 (km 76.4)

Access to Alaska Canoe & Campgrounds, the Scout Lake State Recreation Site, Morgan’s Landing State Recreation Site, and Kenai River bank fishing access.


Population: 4,376

Mile 56.4 (km 90.7)

All services are available.

Junction with Kenai Spur Highway at Soldotna Y. Westbound traffic takes right fork north for Soldotna businesses, then continues north where you can find the city of Kenai, population 7,790. All services. 

Continue northbound on the Kenai Spur Highway for the communities of Salamatof, population 980 and Nikiski, population 4,493. All services available.

Mile 57.6 (km 92.6)

Access to Soldotna Campsite and Centennial Campground & Boat Launch.

Mile 57.7 (km 92.8)

Access to Edgewater Lodge & RV Park and the Klondike RV Park & Cabins.

Mile 69.9 (km 112.4)

Junction with south end of Kalifornsky Beach Road to Kasilof;


Population: 532. has a general store.

Mile 70.6 (km 113.6)

Turnoff for Kasilof River State Recreation Site.

Mile 71.2 (km 114.5)

Access to the Johnson Lake Campground, Johnson Lake State Recreation Area, and the Kasilof RV Park.

Mile 71.9 (km 115.7)

Junction with North Cohoe Loop Road; access to Crooked Creek State Recreation Site, in 1.5 miles, turn right on Rilinda Road. Access to Cohoe Cabins and RV Park, Cohoe Beach Campground, and Kasilof river State Recreation Site; stay on North Cohoe Loop Road.

Mile 78 (km 125.5)

Junction with Clam Gulch Road access to Clam Gulch State Recreation Area; camping, access to beach. The clam fishery is closed; see current regulations and restrictions.

Clam Gulch

Mile 78.5 (km 126.3)

Population: 167. Post office.

Mile 87.2 (km 140.3)

Scenic View RV Park.


Mile 94 (km 151.2)

Population: 860.

Fishing charter services, campgrounds, a general store, gas, food, and home of the Kenai Pennisula Fair from August 14-16.

Mile 94.3 (km 151.7)

Access to the Ninilchik River Campground.

Mile 95.1 (km 153)

Access to the Alaskan Angler RV Resort.

Mile 95.2 (km 153.2)

Access to Ninilchik View State Campground.

Mile 95.7 (km 154)

Junction with Oil Well Road for access to the All Seasons Campground and Cabins and the Ninilchik Airport.

Mile 96.4 (km 155.1)

Access to Deep Creek North (camping) and Deep Creek South (day-use area).

Mile 97 (km 156.1)

Junction with Deep Creek Way with access to the Ninilchik’s Volcano View RV Resort and the Deep Creek State Recreational Area.

Mile 104 (km 167.3)

Access to Happy Valley Falls.

Mile 111 (km 178.6)

Access to the Stariski State Recreational Site.

Mile 112 (km 180.2)

Access to Whiskey Point Cabins and RV Park, and Tikaani Lodge RV Park and storage.

Mile 114 (km 183.4)

Access to Sarge’s Multi Services automobile services.

Anchor Point

Mile 115 (km 185)

Population: 2,043.

Services include a post office, 24-hour gas/diesel convenience store, Fireweed Meadows Golf Course, Thurman’s Far West Auto, lodging, and banking services.

Mile 116 (km 186.6)

Junction with Old Sterling Hwy with access to Anchor River Campground. Turn right on Anchor Point Road for access to Kyllonen’s RV Park, Halibut Campground, and Anchor River State Recreation Area.


Mile 127 (km 204.3)

Population: 5,252

All services. Full-service RV sites at Baycrest RV Park and KOA.

Mile 131 (km 210.8)

Access to Ocean Shores RV Park. Junction with Ohlson Lane with access to Driftwood Inn, Lodges, Fishing Charters & RV Park. Access to the Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center.

Mile 136 (km 218.8)

Heritage RV Park just off of Homer Spit Road and access to Fishing Hole Campground.

Mile 138 (km 222)

Access to Homer Spit Campground and End of the Road Park.

Featured RV Parks & Campgrounds along the Sterling Highway

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