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Mile 1153.3 (km 1849.2) Alaska Highway

Junction with Snag Road. Snag was an airfield on the North West Staging Route known for having the coldest recorded temperature in North America, at -81.4˚ F in February 1947. Snag Road is a 15-mile long narrow dirt road best travelled with a four-wheel drive.

Mile 1076.6 (km 1732) Alaska Highway

Kluane River Overlook & rest area. Lieutenant Small Memorial – Roland Small was one of five fatalities suffered by the US Army 18th Engineers during the construction of the Alaska Highway.

Mile 1061 (km 1707.5) Alaska Highway

Mile 1061 (km 1707.5) Population: 85 Originally a trading post established in 1903. Today Burwash is home to the Kluane Museum of Natural History with wildlife exhibits and informative displays about the area and its peoples.