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Toad River Lodge

There are many stories of how different places got their names along the highway. We kind of liked this one about toad so we’ve adopted it. Back around 1942 when the Canadian and U.S. armies were busy building the Alaska highway (it was not the super highway you just drove in on), there were problems crossing the river because a bridge was not yet built, so it was par for the course to be “towed across”. The proprietors of this establishment at that time adopted “Towed River” as the name of their lodge. Did someone really think they meant “Toad” or were their language skills lacking? Your guess is as good as ours at this point. So that’s our story and we’re sticking to it, for now anyway.

The hat collection began in 1979. One evening after a stressful day at the lodge, the proprietors (could be the same two mentioned above) were having a brew or two. One left to see a man about a horse and the other tacked his hat to the ceiling. There you have it, doesn’t take much to get something started around here. At the time of this writing there are over 7,200 hats from all over the world tacked to the ceiling in the lodge. Do not leave your hat unattended!

Whether you are traveling to your final destination or you are looking for a quiet retreat along the Alaska Hwy, Toad River Lodge & RV Park is the ideal place to stop and relax. Family owned and operated, we take great pride in what we do here and we want you to enjoy it and come back to visit us year after year as you travel in the Northern Canadian Wilderness.

  • Lodge with motel
  • Kitchenettes
  • TV
  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Propane
  • Tire repair
  • Nestled along Reflection Lake
  • World famous hat collection
a: Mile 422 Alaska Highway, BC
p: 250-232-5401
p: 1-855-878-8623

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