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Cruising the Inside Passage, RV Style

The Alaska Marine Highway offers many of the sights and amenities of a traditional cruise with the independence of an RV. The 3,500 miles of coastline, with breathtaking views of glaciers, mountains and fjords, are accessible via the Alaska Marine Highway. The highway has been designated a National Scenic Byway. Many of the communities on this route are only accessible by air or sea.

Whales and other marine life populate the waters of the Inside Passage, so there is a good chance to enjoy some wildlife viewing. Onboard many vessels there are theater areas that show documentaries about Alaska and the outdoors.

Most vessels offer food services and there are full service restaurants aboard the M/V Columbia and the M/V Tustumena, featuring Alaskan seafood.

You can travel on the Alaska Marine Highway from as far south as Bellingham (a few hours north of Seattle) and continue on to Southeast or Southcentral Alaska then travel inland by road. Alternatively, you can travel by road to Skagway, Haines or the Kenai Peninsula and travel south by ferry.

This method of exploring Alaska has become so popular during the summer that it is now recommended to book your stateroom and vehicle well in advance.

Ferry Information for RV Travellers

RV Length

The maximum height for an RV is 13 feet and the maximum length is approximately 70 feet. There are also 3 width categories, standard (up to 8 feet 5 inches), wide (8 feet 6 inches to 8 feet 11 inches) and extra wide (over 9 feet). Wide and extra wide vehicles are subject to a surcharge.


All propane tanks must be turned off when traveling on any ferry. Terminal agents will seal any bottled gas containers before boarding. Small portable containers of fuel (5 gallons or less and limited to 2 containers) must be properly sealed, labelled with the owner’s name for ID, and stored by AMHS while en route.


If traveling from another state, pets must have a health certificate not more than 30 days old. Alaska Marine charges $25 per pet entering or exiting Alaska through Bellingham and $10 per pet through Prince Rupert.

There is no charge for pets traveling on BC Ferries.

While on-board, pets must stay on the vehicle deck but can be visited, fed & given water at regular intervals. Entry to the car deck is controlled by the ships purser.


The cost of a journey on the Alaska Marine Highway varies based on the distance you are traveling, the vehicle you are driving and whether or not you are booking a cabin.

For example, the cost for two people traveling from Prince Rupert to Skagway with a 2-berth cabin and a
19-foot RV would be $1036 ($382 for 2 passengers, $183 for a 2-berth cabin and $471 for the RV).

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