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Things to Do in alaska

Ten places to view wildlife

You don’t have to go far to see wildlife in Alaska. In fact, you may not even have to get out of your vehicle!


Most anglers dream of fishing in Alaska. Be sure you know the regulations for the area where you plan to fish. Know the rules for the waterway too.

When and where to see whales

Whether you are taking a whale watching boat tour or hoping to catch sight of a whale from the shore, there are plenty of whale watching opportunities in Alaska.

Five Glaciers You Can Drive to

It doesn’t necessarily take a boat, helicopter or 10-day hike to see some impressive glaciers in Alaska.

If you’re an RVer looking for fun and adventure while enjoying the freedom of traveling on your own schedule Alaska has to be one of the best RV destinations. Whether you enjoy hiking trails, guided boat tours or scenic flight seeing tours, Alaska has something to offer whatever your interests are.