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Golden Eagle Outfitters

We believe that the Alaska Wilderness is invaluable. The basis for our business is an appreciation and respect for this amazing Alaskan Wilderness. We are second and third generation Alaskans with a lifelong commitment to this land and its’ natural wonders.We provide a variety of options for Alaskan wilderness adventures. Our services include Alaska flightseeing trips that will allow you to view many of Alaska’s natural wonders from high up. Alaska Flightseeing is one of the best ways to spot large herds of animals and to behold the rugged beauty that makes Alaska’s Wilderness so legendary. We also offer drop-off Alaska float trips on wild Alaskan rivers, drop off Alaska unguided fishing trips, and Alaska air transportation for remote hiking and camping. Our Alaska Air Service offers access to many glaciers high in Alaska’s mountain wilderness. Call us today to go on any of these Alaska Wilderness Tours.

a: PO Box 692, Delta Junction, AK 99737
p: 907 388 5968