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Tips to overcome motion sickness while travelling in your RV

If you travel in your motor home pretty frequently, you would have definitely experienced motion sickness at some point of time. Also commonly referred to as car sickness, this condition is basically a trick played by your inner ear and brain on your belly. Actually there’s a certain discrepancy between the vehicular motion and the visual cues, which makes you feel pukish.

It’s important to note here that this kind of sickness is quite different from the illnesses that you pick up on aeroplanes, which are more of contagious diseases. Regardless, motion sickness during an RV trip can be very frustrating and can kill all the fun of the journey. Having said that, there are certain ways you can reduce the chances of suffering from such motion sickness. Below provided are some important tips that can help you overcome this condition.

Opt for light meals

Preparation is very important with regard to avoiding motion sickness. So as to travel long distances without any trouble, it’s important that you have ample amount of food in your tummy, without being overloaded. Being sufficiently fed you will have ample energy required for avoiding bloating. In addition, opting for lighter food items like breads and fruits which are easier on the body, rather than dense and fatty foods, is a very good choice.

Steer clear of strong odours

This type of sickness is closely associated to all the senses of your body. Keeping that in mind, you must make sure that there aren’t any stronger foul odours in the RV, especially because you’d most likely be travelling long distances. In case there is any bad odour, for instance of some leftover fish, your stomach, which might already be not well, will get turned even more. You must make some very well-informed and smart choices regarding the odours you get into the environment of your recreational vehicle. The more responsible you are, the more comfortable will be the drive. And this is even more important if you’re someone who has made RV his/her home.

Sit facing forward

There are many RVs whose back seats are facing towards the opposite side of the road (which you’re leaving behind), giving you just the right feel of travelling inside a motor home. But please keep in mind that such lack of motion within your sight can have a negative impact on your body’s equilibrium. Ensuring that you sit facing forward, keeping the moving road within your view, there will be less likelihood of suffering motion sickness.

Bison on the Alaska Highway

Drive if you can

Opting to drive whenever you can is an excellent way to keep motion sickness at bay. With your mind and body both focused on the road, you’re able to sync well with the motion of your RV and there is a less chance of feeling any motion sickness. In the event that you still feel it, despite being on the driver’s seat, you must pull over and take a break, perhaps drink some water. The key is taking breaks whenever possible to enjoy a comfortable, fun and safe RV journey.