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Regions of Alaska
Alaska State Symbols
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Interior Southcentral
Alaska’s state flower is the Alpine Forget-me-not, with its five sky-blue colored petals. This perennial grows 5-12 inches high in alpine meadows. It is most fragrant in the evening and at night.
The Four-spot Skimmer Dragonfly was designated as Alaska’s official insect in 1995. Runners up included the mosquito, a butterfly and the bumblebee.
The Sitka Spruce was designated Alaska’s official state tree in 1962. This spruce is the tallest conifer in the world, preferring the moist ocean air along Alaska’s southeastern coast.
Far North
Far North Alaska is a land
of tundra, rolling hills and mountain ranges. The Arctic experiences polar day, or midnight sun, during the summer, when the sun does not dip below the horizon. During the winter, polar night occurs, when the sun does not rise for several months.
Many communities can only be reached by air or snowmobile. The 415-mile-long Dalton Highway is the only US highway to cross the Arctic Circle. The Dalton Highway connects Livengood (70 miles north of Fairbanks) to Prudhoe Bay.
The Inupiat people still live
in the Far North, relying on hunting and fishing for food and passing their oral history from generation to generation. Some villages have been occupied for more than 10,000 years.
Juneau is the only state capital in the continental U.S. that has no road access. It is accessible only by air or water.
Southwest Alaska encompasses a large area with a wide variety of terrain. The Aleutian Range of volcanic mountains runs along the entire length of the Alaska Peninsula. The Aleutian Islands stretch 1,000 miles from the peninsula towards Asia. The islands form part of the Pacific Ring of Fire with their 57 volcanoes and separate the Bering Sea from the Pacific Ocean.
The mountainous, forested Kodiak Island is the second- largest island in the United States.
Bristol Bay’s freshwater streams make it the largest source of red salmon in the world.
Inland, there are tens of thousands of square miles of relatively remote and unspoiled terrain, including boreal forest, swamps, and highlands.
Alaska’s flag features the Big Dipper as a symbol of strength and the North Star as a symbol of Alaska’s northern location.
The official state bird of Alaska is the Willow Ptarmigan. This vocal bird lives year-round in Alaska, changing its color to suit the season.
Jade was designated the official state gem, and gold the official mineral, in 1968.
Far North
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