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Alaska Highway Mile 144.1 – 283

Mile 144.1 (km 231.9) – Historic MP 147
Sasquatch Crossing Lodge & RV Park

Mile 145.1 (km 233.4) – Historic MP 148
Suicide Hill. Use the pullout to view the information signs about this treacherous hill on the original highway that was marked with a sign: “Prepare to Meet Thy Maker.”

Mile 156 (km 251)
Sikanni Hill – Rest Area and Brake Check

Mile 159.4 (km 256.5) – Historic MP 62
Sikanni River Campground & RV Park

Mile 173.3 (km 278.4)
Buckinghorse River Wayside Provincial Park campground

Mile 173.4 (km 279) – Historic MP 175
Buckinghorse River Lodge

Mile 176 (km 282.3) – Historic MP 191
South end of the Trutch Mountain Bypass that traverses the Minnaker River Valley. The bypass eliminated miles of the steep, winding highway. Trutch Mountain Summit was the second highest summit (4,134 ft) on the original highway.

Mile 227 (km 364.7) – Historic MP 234
Adsett Creek pullout – This is the start of the 1992 Adsett Creek Highway Realignment that straightened 41 miles of the original highway between mile 234 and 275.

Mile 265.5 (km 426.5)
Andy Bailey Regional Park – 5 small campsites

Fort Nelson

Mile 283 (km 454.3) – Historic MP 300
Population: 4,900

Fort Nelson was established in 1805 by the North West Fur Trading Company. During the 1940s the community grew quickly due to construction of the highway. Today Fort Nelson is a full-service community that meets the needs of B.C.’s oil and gas industry.