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Alaska Highway Mile 964.7 – 1166.5

Mile 964.7 (km 1546) – Historic MP 995
Otter Falls Cutoff – store, fuel, RV Park, restaurant

Mile 964.7 (km 1546) – Historic MP 995
Junction with 73-mile long Aishihik Road. Aishihik was an airfield on the North West Staging Route. At mile 17 is Otter Falls, made famous on a Canadian 5-dollar bill. Aishihik Lake Yukon government campground is at mile 26. The gravel road can be rough to the campground and is rougher past the campground.

Mile 965.6 (km 1547.5) – Historic MP 996
Canyon Creek Bridge rest area

Mile 976.9 (km 1566)
Mt. Kennedy and Mt. Hubbard viewpoint and rest area

Mil 980.8 (km 1572.1)
Pine Lake Yukon government campground

Mile 984.7 (km 1578)
Kluane National Park and Haines Junction Visitor Centre in the Da Kμ Cultural Centre

Haines Junction

Mile 985 (km 1578.5) – Historic MP 1016
Population: 840

Be sure to turn right to continue north on the Alaska Highway. Or carry on straight if you’re headed south to Haines, Alaska.

Our Lady of the Way Catholic Mission was built in 1943 using an abandoned U.S. Army Quonset hut; look for this historical structure on your right as you head to Alaska.

Mile 988.3 (km 1584)
Haines Junction rest area

Mile 999 (km 1596.7)
Spruce Beetle Trail Interpretive Site and hiking trail

Mile 1000.1 (km 1598.6)
Bear Summit – 3,294 ft., the highest point on the Alaska Highway between Whitehorse and Fairbanks

Mile 1019.5 (km 1633)
Boutillier Summit – 3,293 ft., the second highest point between Whitehorse and Fairbanks

Mile 1020 (km 1635)
Kluane Lake viewpoint and rest area

Mile 1028.8 (km 1649.1)
Tachal Dhal Visitor Centre at the base of Sheep Mountain (Tachal Dhal). Check in at the visitor center if you plan to hike or explore the backcountry of Kluane National Park.

Mile 1029.7 (km 1650.8) – Historic MP 1061
Soldiers’ Summit
The Alaska Canada Military Highway was officially opened at Soldier’s Summit on November 20, 1942. A hiking trail to the ceremony site follows the original highway route. Information signs along the trail provide historical information.

Mile 1034.5 (km 1658.3)
Cottonwood RV Park

Mile 1039.5 (km 1666)
Congdon Creek Yukon government campground

Destruction Bay

Mile 1050.8 (km 1684.5) – Historic MP 1083
Population: 55

A small community with fuel, camping and lodging.

Mile 1051.2 (km 1685.1)
Destruction Bay rest area

Burwash Landing

Mile 1061 (km 1701)
Population: 85

Originally a trading post established in 1904. Today Burwash is home to the Kluane Museum of Natural History with wildlife exhibits and informative displays about the area and its peoples.

Mile 1076.6 (km 1726)
Kluane River Overlook & rest area

Mile 1083.4 (km 1737) – Historic MP 1118
Kluane Wilderness Village

Mile 1117.1 (km 1791.1) – Historic MP 1152
Lake Creek Yukon government campground

Mile 1133.5 (km 1818)
Discovery Yukon Lodgings and RV Park

Mile 1153.3 (km 1849.2) – Historic MP 1188
Junction with Snag Road. Snag was an airfield on the North West Staging Route known for having the coldest recorded temperature in North America, at -81.4˚ F in February 1947. Snag Road is a 15-mile long narrow dirt road best travelled with a four-wheel drive.

Mile 1153.4 (km 1849.6)
Snag Junction Yukon government campground

Beaver Creek

Mile 1166.5 (km 1870.6) – Historic MP 1202
Population: 110

In October 1942 bulldozers met at this location, making the final connection for the Alaska Canada Military Highway. Canadian customs is located north of town beside the airport. An excellent tourist information center is located in the small community, which also has fuel, camping and lodging.