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Richardson Highway Mile 0

Valdez to Fairbanks – 362 miles

The Richardson Highway is paved and offers scenic views of mountain ranges, canyons, glaciers and waterfalls. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which runs from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, can be seen from the highway.

Originally called the Valdez to Eagle Trail, the Richardson Highway was the first major road built in Alaska, in 1910.

Near Valdez, the Richardson Highway is surrounded by sheer canyon walls containing waterfalls and interesting rock formations where it passes through Keystone Canyon.

The Wrangell St. Elias National Park can be accessed by the Richardson Highway.

Over the course of the summer there will be road construction at mile point 358 and you can expect lane restrictions. For more information visit

Mile 0

Old Valdez Town site. The new City of Valdez was built four miles from here after the 1964 Good Friday earthquake destroyed the original site of Valdez. The mileage markers were in place before the earthquake and continue to measure the distance from the original town site. There are information signs in the old town site area commemorating those who perished in the earthquake. There are also signs commemorating the gold rush stampeders in 1897 who were the first residents of Valdez.

Across the highway from the Old Valdez Town site is the Valdez Airport Road. The Valdez Glacier Campground is two miles up the airport road. The Valdez Glacier is 3.5 miles from the highway at the end of this road. There is a small scenic lake at the foot of the glacier that is suitable for kayaking or canoeing.