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Stunning scenes, historic routes and open roads greet thousands of drivers in Yukon each year. Visitors come from all over the world to explore this spectacular region.


The Yukon represents 4.8% of Canada’s total land area and is the eighth largest province or territory. Within the territory, 20 mountain peaks exceed 3,000 metres. Mount Logan, the tallest at 5,959 metres, is also the fastest growing mountain in the world. The largest, non-polar ice eld in the world is in the St. Elias Mountains. The ice eld is believed to reach 700 metres in depth and feed glaciers up to 30 kilometres long.

Population (2016 estimates)

Yukon 37,642

Beaver Creek 105
Burwash Landing 111
Carcross 512
Carmacks 547
Dawson City 2,128
Destruction Bay 48
Faro 395
Haines Junction 913
Marsh Lake 670
Mayo 487
Mount Lorne 410
Old Crow 253
Pelly Crossing 382
Ross River 404
Tagish 262
Teslin 494
Watson Lake 1,451
Whitehorse 28,012
Other 58