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Mile 17.3 (km 27.8) Alaska Highway

Exit to the Old Alaska Highway and Historic Kiskatinaw Curved Bridge and Kiskatinaw Provincial Park.

Constructed in 1942-43, this 534 ft. long bridge was the first of its kind in Canada and is now the only curved, banked trestle bridge in Western Canada.

Kiskatinaw Provincial Park is 3 miles/4.9 km from the exit to the Old Alaska Highway. Situated along the banks of the Kiskatinaw River. Established May 1, 1962 it features 28 camp sites, South access, 5 km. 28 camp sites, water, firewood, picnic tables, non-flush toilets and fishing. The park envelopes 58 hectares of the Peace Lowland Ecosection set in Boreal White and Black Spruce tree forest. It’s primary use is to provide local residents with a weekend recreational area to enjoy.

Another 3 miles/ 4.9 km from the campground will bring you back to the Alaska Highway.